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AIP is a one-stop-platform for your brand’s entire printing plans. We support our customers throughout the entire process and determine what is exactly needed, where it goes and how much is spent.


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AL-IMRAN Printers is one of the leading companies in the printing industry at Corporate level. The company and your business—put the two together and you will be conquering the business sectors. AL-IMRAN Printers is a reaction to the difficulties and the challenges that are faced in the advanced innovations and technology. We have successful and splendid experience of 35 years in the printing world. We offer a wide arrangement of coordinated teamwork that adheres with its integrity and excellence of our printing technologies. AL-IMRAN Printers provide all kind of printing services to the business sectors around the world. We mostly deal Business to Business collaborations. AL-IMRAN Printers is a success story of honesty, commitment and dedication to provide best standards and delivering our products and projects to our clients on time. We have a remarkable list of long-term clients which proves credibility and devotion to our work. We had to face challenges in the initial years in dealing with the International Clients and Brands. But our Mission and Vision made it convenient for us to handle those Mega Projects by mitigating our problems. Today, we have achieved a status of Brand and Quality in the Printing Sector. Our Research & Development Department makes sure that each and every information is available for our National and International Clients. Honesty, dedication and commitment has made us successful in the printing industry.

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AIP grows your business beyond your expectations. We guarantee you extra revenue with our personalized fulfilment, personalized products and on-demand strategies.

Alimranprinters Profile

We are providing Printing and Designs Service with an outstanding readability and target oriented data.

What we Offers:

  • Printing & Designing
  • Annual Reports Drafting, Designing and Printing
  • Prospectus Drafting, Designing and Printing

Companies under Al-Imran Printers


Al-Imran Digital completely understands that success in the digital economy demands more than just creativity. It also requires exactitude and congruity to make a difference among others. Al-Imran Digital has drawn its experience by working with a large number of clients from multiple industries across Pakistan.

What we Offers:

  • Web & Mobile Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Branding Services


Annualreports.pk is first of its kind platform that brings clients and companies closer by providing them with Annual Financial Reports. Having the most up-to-date Annual Reports makes us apart from others. We give investors an edge to their skills by providing them access to the reports of all companies at a single platform.

What we Offers:

  • We are providing complete company detail and financial reports to analyse better investment


Prospectuses is a platform that is schemed with a perspective which is equally favorable for students as well as universities. We provide solutions to the problems that students face while pursuing admissions in the universities. Our platform provides all the prospectuses of the Universities, currently active in Private and Public Sector. Prospectuses.pk provides the students with an opportunity to select their preferred universities without worrying about their accreditation or recognition.

What we Offers:

  • View All Universities information and Prospectuses at one place


Al-Imran Concepts is a team of Strategists, Designers and Developers who work together, helping the companies turn their ideas into evolutionary digital business. We offer our clients an edge by providing them with services that encapsulate innovative digital fortuities and strengthen the existing digital marketing aspects.

What we Offers:

  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Branding Design
  • Photography
  • Animation Design
  • Motion Design


Our Mission

Our Mission

To add Value and Exception to the Products and Services that we offer to our Clients and to help them consummate their Goals and Revenues.

Our Vision

To cross the benchmark of outstanding services in the Printing Industry. We strongly rely on the accountability in everything that we plan to do and constantly strive to make it better and better.

Our Philosophy

The world has advanced so much in the field of technology that the ones with a cutting edge in the competition are always a step ahead of others.  Those who have the adroitness to manage the Mega Projects and the reliability to ask ‘why’ stand apart from others. The zealousness to drive Business and the conceptions that wipe-off the perpetual trends in the Printing Sector is what we do. We strongly go by the aspect of resisting the conventional

Our Main Objectives are

Trust:    We gain your trust by working with devotion and integrity.

Speed: We believe Commendable Work done with in the time limit is all, our Client wants.

Price:    We earn your royalties by consistently being your lowest-cost supplier for your Printing Services.


Quality Assurance

AL-IMRAN Printers strongly adheres to the quality of the services provided. Our platform provides the services that are quality controlled. The state-of-art labs and business oriented work plan ensures total reliability, trust and expertise in our work. AL-IMRAN Printers uses high quality materials which are certified by the Quality and Quantity Organizations. The site plan and tech-oriented framework helps us in delivering our services with a systematic approach.

What i do


AIP publishes quality Prospectuses, Annual Reports and Corporative Business Profiles. Our team sticks to the creativity and uniqueness for all your printing needs.

Printing & Designing

We provide Printing and Designs Service with an outstanding readability and target oriented data. Our designs are not Cluttered and depict expertise and quality.

  • Listed Companies
  • Non-Listed Companies

Annual Reports Drafting and Designing

Exceptional services in the printing and composition of Annual Financial Reports for Corporate Companies.

  • School
  • Colleges
  • Universities

Prospectus Drafting and Designing

Superb Design and Eminent Templates for your Prospectuses that make you stand apart from others.

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